Monday, 28 September 2015

Hiding Files On Android Phones | Samsung

On this post I'll be showing you how to hide files on your Android  phone without using an app. This may not be the safest way to hide files but it is easy and simple.

If you're want to hide images/videos from your friend, you can use this way. And guess what, your photos and videos won't be access by any gallery app on you phone unless you unhide your folder.

Lets get into it :
1. First of all, locate and open your My Files app, and navigate to where you want to hide your files. In this case I want to hide a files on my Memory Card

2. Create a folder and name it anything you want, I named mine, Test.

3. Then copy/move whatever you want to hide to this folder

4. Once you're done with step 4, go to where you created your folder and rename your folder, it must have a "." before its name like this ".Test" , if you can't see the folder it means that it has been successfully been hidden. If you can still see it go to step 5,

5. To hide your folder, On your My Files app, open Menu and select Settings. Then untick Show Hidden Files, Then go and check if your folder has been hidden.

To show your hidden folder, use Step 5. Instead of unticking Show Hidden Files, tick it. And you are done, just like that.

NOTE : you can hide files without moving them to a folder, by just putting "." before its name.

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