Thursday, 17 September 2015

T-Rex : Google Chrome's Easter Egg

T-Rex is Google Chrome's current easter egg. It is said to be "hidden" feature, but it is not really hidden. All you need to do to activate T-Rex mini game is to disconnect your internet.

This mini game is very addictive so play it responsibly.

On this post, I'll be showing you how to activate this easter egg on both desktops and mobile devices. First of all you must have the latest version of Google Chrome installed on your device.

I'll start with the one for mobile devices:

1. Make sure your Data/WiFi connections are turned off,
2. Locate and open Google Chrome on your device,
3. Visit any website, on this post we used, you will land to the page below[left],

4. Tap on the T-Rex,
5. Then you need to avoid hitting those obstacles by tapping on the screen and if you hit an obstacle, your mini game will stop and land you to a screen above[right], which has you high score and current score.
6. To restart it, just tap on the T-Rex.

Now lets activate it on laptops and desktops :

1. Make sure your internet connections are disconnected,
2 . Locate and start Google Chrome,
3. Visit any site, for this post we used ,
4. You will lend to this to a page like the one below,

5. If you lend to the one like the one below, chances are that you're on a proxy server,but don't stress skip to LAN Settings,

6. If you successfully land on 4, tap the Space Bar, and your all set. All you need is to keep on tapping the Space Bar to avoid hitting those obstacles.
7. To pause the T-Rex mini game just tap the Alt key.

LAN Settings :

1. Still on Chrome, go to the chrome's Menu and go to Settings,

2. On Settings, scroll down on Advanced Settings, then find Change Proxy Settings,
3. Internet Options window will pop-up, now, click on LAN settings,

4. LAN Settings windows will pop up, and make sure ONLY the "Automatically detect settings" option is ticked.

5. Now, you're all set, go back and try again.

Enjoy The T-Rex, and don't be an addict. Got questions, comment below and I'll help you.

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